Project Description

For the lecture “7054q Web Programming”, it was required to implement a fictive online shop. Everything needed to be implemented from with PHP, MySQL, XML, and JavaScript/JQuery. A classmate and I created an online shop for James Bond gadgets.

We structured our code to be written in a standard OOP structure. Additionally, we implemented a small database framework that allows generating the queries based on an object, which makes it easy to add new objects and using them right away.

The online shop can be used in 4 different languages, and an admin can easily manage all products and orders in a separate view. We tried to make the order process as simple as possible.

My tasks

  • Implementation of the PHP-framework with following requirements:
    • Easy usage of dynamic database objects.
    • Automatic generated administration pages to manage defined database objects with an easy interface.
    • Simply translation.
    • Template independent.
  • Modeling of the MySql database.
  • Implementation of the order process and the product search.