Project Description

This game was my first 3D game, which reminds strongly at the Moorhuhn game. I realized the game with the help of the book for programming with “3D Game Studio 5”. I did all the models, textures, and animations by my self with the tools from the “3D Game Studio 5” and Photoshop.

Game idea

You have to fight against elephants which can clone themselves. Additionally, new elephants can jump out of the airplanes which are flying above your head. All this has to be prevented as fast as possible, and all the elephants need to be eliminated. You receive munition and rockets on the go by the friendly helper. The game is won, if all elephants are disposed of within a given time.

Gaming concept

You find yourself on a vast lawn, surrounded by many elephants. The controlling is done completely with the mouse as you can’t move but only turn around. All crucial information is shown at all times on the display (number of shoots, number of elephants, etc.).

My tasks

  • Creating the models, textures, and animations for the elephants, activists, airplanes, trees
  • Level design for winter and summer
  • Programming with the programming language of “3D Game Studio 5” which is based on C.
  • 2D graphics with Photoshop