Project Description

For the lecture “Game Programming Laboratory” we created a game with the theme “Alfred Escher”. In a group of five master students, we had to create the game from scratch. Within 14 weeks we needed to have a final result which we demonstrated during a public presentation live on the Xbox.

To link the game with the given theme, we decided to let two dumb robbers rob a bank. The plan of course failed and so each of the robbers needs to collect as much money as possible before the police arrive. To be faster with collecting the valuables, each robber has a street-vehicle with some specific properties. We have different modes which are spawning different valuables with different probabilities. Additionally, the game can be played alone, in a “1 vs 1” or “2 vs 2” player mode.

One of the input requirements was to use C# and MonoGame. For more information about the lecture:

My tasks

  • Implementation and integration of physics (based on Jitter).
  • Create visual effects as lens flares, wheel traces, police lights, wheel animations, particle effects, post-processing effects.
  • Optimization for rendering and memory management (hardware instancing of the models so that a model is loaded once and for each instance only the new transformation matrix is sent to the GPU-Buffers).
  • Git-Administrator: responsible for merges and releases.
  • Publishing and testing on the Xbox.