Project Description

The portal enabled the customers to get help about their problems quickly. They could search the knowledgebase and the FAQ or could download some further software which might help them to solve the issue. The support-employees could manage all these articles in CRM in different languages.

If no help was found yet, a new incident could be opened quickly on the website, which created an incident directly in MS CRM. The support-employees could then edit the incident and reply with a comment. Once a reply is made, the customer received an email-notification and could log in back with the incident number and email address. Either a new message could be written, or the incident could be closed. The complete communication was always available for both the customer and the support-employees.

Additionally, I wrote a small windows application for the support-employee, which showed them all the needed information to keep organized. Further, I created a small admin-website, which showed some critical statistics about the open (and closed) incidents, which allowed to balance the workload of each employee as well as keep track of all incidents. The last website was shown on a screen in the office.

My tasks

  • Realizing software applications with Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET, MS CRM, SQL-Server, and Web Services.
    • Web portals for customers and business partners.
    • Implementing and testing customizations and extensions for MS CRM.
    • Software tools for the support-coworker for better control of the incidents.
  • Realization of the company websites with Typo3.