Project Description

During the lecture “7301p Projektarbeit 1” I redesigned the Pacman with a classmate as a multiplayer game. The challenge was to find a good multiplayer-mode which suits the game as well to implement it to be playable in the local network.

We decided to have a pacman for each player, playing against each other and having the ghosts as common enemy. Each ghost randomly select a new target-player after a given time-period. As an extra, there are some special power-ups available to make the gaming even more competing.

Documents (German)

My tasks

  • Level generation based on a text-format stored in a mysql-database
  • Implementation of the game
    • Game-modes and game-state
    • Controlling of the player
    • Pathfinding for the ghosts
    • Internationalization
  • Dynamic menus, each defined in an XML-file
  • Design of the UI
  • Implementation of the network-communication
  • Graphics made in Adobe Photoshop